The new Summer collection - A tale as beautiful as nature…

May 30, 2017

The most unexpected, simple beauty is found in nature. And it is in nature - in organic cotton fields and majestic beech woods - that our newest range of dresses begin their beautiful tale. 

Organic Cotton

From a delicate white flower that turns into a stunning pink, to soft downy cotton fibers emerging from the bloom, the cotton plant tells a breathtakingly beautiful tale. Grown organically the cotton flower self-pollinates, and without interference undergoes a stunning lifecycle, allowing nature to do what it does so well.

When we designed our organic cotton dresses we wanted to continue nature's own beautiful tale. We chose natural colors and simple feminine designs, creating pieces as exquisite as the cotton flower, and as beautiful and strong as the women we meet every day.

Melting together our mission to make women feel beautiful, with our desire to create with a pure conscience, organic cotton farmers work with nature, rather than against it. The cotton seeds are never genetically modified, and the farmers find ways to avoid using harsh chemicals, which is better for the farmer, those who handle the cotton and for the environment.

Wind blowing softly through leaves, sunlight slipping through the small spaces between the tree crowns, tall elegant tree stems – the Austrian Beech wood feels almost majestic.

Modal, spun from beech tree pulp, captures the elegance of its source. It has the strength of traditional rayon, the softness of cotton, and a silk -like luster. Spun into fabric, modal combines sustainability with a feeling of pure luxury.

Beech trees multiply by rejuvenation, spreading naturally, with no need for artificial irrigation. Our modal comes exclusively from sustainably harvested beech trees, from a manufacturer that produces the modal fiber itself, at the same site as the raw material, thus going easy on energy and resources.

We absolutely love what this forward thinking fiber has added to our new collection. With a beauty all its own, we opted for lush colors and used the fabric to tailor classic figure flattering dresses.


In every way nature inspired our summer collection, and we hope our collection in return will inspire your summer!

Stay tuned to the blog, as we will be telling you much more about our sustainable fabrics in the future.

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