Not just any brand

Retail - Phemke branded

Phemke is more than just a brand, we see our clients as retail partners as we offer a full 360 degree retail plan. From pop-ups, shop-in-shops to a powerful online/offline strategy in your property to reduce slow-moving stock, we want to be your partner.

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Revenue optimization

Amenities & in-room ordering

The possibilities of retail to generate incremental revenue for your property is often underestimated. Resort branded amenities that are for sale and support local artisans, in-room ordering and loyalty gifts, we see endless opportunities and are always on top of the latest trends in hospitality.

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Make a statement

Communication Support

We always welcome the opportunity to working closely together with your Marketing & Communication teams. Together we can send out a powerful message related to sustainability and involving the local community by empowering artisans. Creating awareness and exposure through PR, influencer marketing and launch events will make your CSR efforts tangible in the most effective way.

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