Ways of Change limited edition - bead ring

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There’s a level of simplicity to this ring that makes it truly elegant. The perfect piece to be mixed with the Coil Ring and can be worn on different fingers or at the knuckle. A stylish statement and a beautiful piece of traditional artistry.

Lovingly Made:

Handcrafted by jewelry makers of the Kayan Tribe, originally from Myanmar, but today living as refugees in Northern Thailand. Drawing from their tribal background and traditional skills in working with brass, they create unique and one of a kind pieces.

Material and care:

Material: 100% brass

Care: Brass might patina over time. Our brass jewelry has been cleaned using a traditional method before getting to you. This means using soapy water, something sour, lemon or tamarind, and another metal, such as a scour pad, to scrub. If you prefer your brass jewelry to have a shiny appearance you can replicate this at home using regular dish soap, lemon and a scouring pad as often as you like.

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