Handmade in Madagascar


Phemke is an artisan made brand, with bespoke collections of hats and bags made from 100% raffia sourced in Madagascar.

Why we love Phemke

Our beautiful hats and bags are lovingly made by female artisans in local communities near Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Not only can we guarantee our artisans are paid fair wages, our products are 100% biodegradable too.

Phemke, a story of sustainability & sophistication.

our promise

What we stand for

Our collections are 100% biodegradable, using nothing but raffia and organic cotton labels printed with natural dye.

The raffia is sourced in Madagascar, which means our raw materials don't have to travel far.

The raffia used for our products is harvested under strict control of the government so the trees have enough time to regenerate.

Artisans that create our bags and hats are paid fair wages, their income is used to send their children to school and for farming.

Last but not least, only natural and vegetal materials are used, which makes our products 100% vegan.

The artisans behind Phemke

“I love working from home because it allows me to watch my children while I work. The money I get from making Phemke bags I use for buying extra food for my family and it allows me to create a better future for my children.”

Miora- artisan in Madagascar

Made in Madagascar

The women we work with

In 2018 we visited the talented artisans to see and document how our bags and hats are made. A truly inspiring journey.

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Made in Madagascar

Made in Madagascar

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